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When people think about great countries for beer, China is rarely at the top of the list. But don’t be so quick to skip over a brew in this country- whether you are looking for a craft beer, easy brew to drink on a hot day, or even a beer in a bag! there is something to quench your thirst.

One of the most obvious beers to grab from China would probably be a Tsingtao. While this is a great choice when you are looking for something light and cheap, be sure to check out the different varieties if you ever find yourself in Qingdao. From light to dark, Tsingtao comes in many different flavors. Additionally, the city is famous for its unique way to serve the beers- from a bag! Street vendors fills plastic bags with Tsingtao, and you can stick a straw in it and drink the beer from the bag as you walk down the street, hang out at the beach, or go out for a night on the town. Plastic jugs can also be filled and sold at most of the stands, but where is the fun in that? 

tsingtao, qingdao, chinese beer, china

Craft Beer in China

Great Leap Brewing

Founded in Beijing in 2010, Great Leap Brewing is one of the pioneers of China’s craft beer scene. With a commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, they create a range of innovative and flavorful brews. Great Leap Brewing draws inspiration from both Chinese and Western brewing traditions, resulting in a fusion of unique flavors. Standout beers include their Honey Ma Gold, a refreshing honey ale, and their Iron Buddha Blonde, brewed with local tea leaves.

Jing-A Brewing

Jing-A Brewing, also based in Beijing, is renowned for its creative and high-quality craft beers. Founded by two expatriates with a passion for brewing, Jing-A combines traditional brewing techniques with modern innovation. Their flagship beer, the Workers Pale Ale, is a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor. They also experiment with locally inspired ingredients, such as Sichuan peppercorns and Beijing roast duck, resulting in beers like the Flying Fist IPA and the Duck-Rabbit Black Pepper Porter.
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Boxing Cat Brewery

Based in Shanghai, Boxing Cat Brewery has been a leading craft brewery since 2008. Known for their robust and well-balanced beers, they offer a diverse selection to suit different preferences. Their flagship brew, the Right Hook Helles Lager, is a crisp and clean German-style lager. For hop enthusiasts, their TKO IPA delivers a bold and aromatic experience. Boxing Cat Brewery also produces limited edition and seasonal beers, showcasing their brewing expertise and creativity.

Slow Boat Brewery

Founded in Beijing in 2011, Slow Boat Brewery is committed to crafting small-batch, handcrafted beers with a focus on quality and flavor. They take inspiration from various beer styles, resulting in a diverse range of offerings. Slow Boat Brewery’s Monkey’s Fist IPA is a fan favorite, bursting with tropical fruit flavors and a hoppy punch. Their Dragon Boat Amber Ale and Sea Anchor Hefeweizen are also highly regarded for their balanced and distinctive profiles.

Arrow Factory Brewing

Arrow Factory Brewing, based in Beijing, prides itself on producing top-quality craft beers in small batches. They strive for simplicity and balance in their brews, allowing the flavors to shine through. Their flagship beer, the Arrow Factory Amber, is a rich and malty delight. Their experimental offerings include the Blonde Ale with ginger and lime, showcasing their innovative approach. With a commitment to sustainability, Arrow Factory Brewing uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, adding a touch of authenticity to their beers.
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